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Discover DAME Craft Canned Hard Seltzer

We offer a unique range of incredibly tasty sparkling hard seltzers with innovative and natural flavour combinations. No sugar added and sustainably crafted in Canada.


Our seltzers provide a refreshing and delicious drinking experience straight from the can, poured over ice or transformed into a unique cocktail. 

Our give-back commitment guarantees that at DAME, every can will count. A percentage of all seltzer sales will help fund a bursary program to support and empower women to continue their education for new opportunities in the beverage industry.  

About our Founder

Our founder, Melissa Pulvermacher, is a certified wine & spirits expert. Portfolio Director for Cru Wine Merchants, Beverage Educator for The University of Guelph and most importantly, Mom to a curly redheaded toddler, Francis.



Melissa has worked in the beverage industry for over 10 years. Her work with restaurants and boutique wineries around the world fuelled an appetite to create something new in the drinks space. 

While completing a spirits course in London, England, she walked into a space of "prominent beverage educators from around the world" to find she was the only woman in the room. That reoccurring reality powered a vision to build something  that could help progress and promote access for women building careers in wine, spirits, beer, sake and beyond.


Our seltzer project was born to create something consciously and sustainably delicious with a greater purpose.

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