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Sparkling Hard Seltzer

DAME is a line of sparkling hard seltzers that are sustainably crafted in Canada. Packed with all-natural flavour and no sugar added. Innovative flavour combination and really dame delicious.

Click below to explore our range of refreshing and flavourful bevvies.

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Our Story

DAME is a drinks company and bursary program supporting women in the beverage industry. We are passionate about creating high-quality, flavourful alcoholic beverages using only the best naturally-derived ingredients.


Made in Canada and female-founded.


Click here to learn more about our mission and the team behind DAME.

“Really dame delicious...”


Our Flavours

Tangerine Lemon


Papaya Peach


Coconut Lime

Palm Tree.png

Black Cherry Vanilla

Cherry Blossom.png
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